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In yet another tale from The Institute du Serfage sci-fi lovers will be thrilled with this immersive hypnotic story of evil as I take you to our tech wing for some more aggressive ‘therapy’ – nanobots. Unfortunately you assumed that I cared about your limp dick issues and would use the nanobots as I promised to cure your flaccid penis but I don’t care about your dick unless it’s working for me. You see I control those bots and if you don’t do as commanded the bots will make your life a living hell, torturing you with an insane itching deep inside your mind and inside your pee hole. The choice is yours.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with The Institute’s donation/tribute page as you’ll be using frequently.

Contains 2 audios: main audio/hypnosis file along with a separate file that you will use while edging and watching the porn of your choice.

Themes: Brainwashing, nano technology, financial domination, goddess worship, worshiping Dr Sue, futuristic/sci-fi, joi, itching torture, blackmail.

File Format: Mp3

File Sizes: Main Audio - 78.8 mb - 34:27 mins

Companion/Edging Audio - 24.9 mb - 10:53 mins

Special/Vocal FX: Whisper prompts, extensive sound fx, Star Trek-esque backing track, subliminal messaging.

Headphones are a MUST.

*Based on a concept by Ray

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The Institute - Nanobot

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